Thursday, March 22, 2012

Carpet Cleaning Tips

 Carpet Cleaning Tips - Carpet Cleaner

Many people ask me after I finish a job for tips on how to keep my carpets clean and I always say just vacuum them more but with a proper vacuum and not an old one with a bag full of dust as this only makes your carpet more dirty.
I gathered some good carpet cleaning tips from my long years as a carpet cleaner and I will share them at this post,so lets get crackin....
1. If you do not know how to use a steam cleaner don't rent it! you might do more damage then good,often I come to a room and want to clean the carpet but I see some untrained hands have been there before...consult a pro before renting an expensive machine,sometimes you just don't need it.

2.If you do plan to clean your own carpets use only cleaning shampoo with no harsh chemical's in it as some stains are hard to come off and you will be tempted to put more shampoo and burn your carpet and even harm your health,use only green care products that are friendly to the environment they do the job perfectly. 

3.Research - first examine your carpet,does it has any special stains you want them to come off?search the web how to it.blood stains and wine spills require different substances.

4.Think about cost efficiency sometimes renting and buying carpet cleaning equipment is just not cost efficient as carpet cleaning prices today are pretty low because of the many carpet cleaning services out there but beware of low cost services that will vanish after they the job..and not to your liking.

I get questions from clients all the time when im driving our truck at San Diego or even when I stop to eat launch and I always tell people the same,call our office our prices are much lower then you think and also the result is worth every buck. Most people hate cleaning their carpets and do not trust a stranger in their house,that is the reason we are a family owned business devoted to giving each customer the great feeling of service, I believe in our service so much that I know that we have no bad reviews or unhappy clients as we provide a get your money back policy and do not leave the clients house until he is satisfied.

It has been a real charm writing for you today and I will come back next week and explain some more about spring cleaning and how to give your house that special scent ...of clean...

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A day in a life of a Carpet Cleaner

Hi there,
I've been working for Carpet Cleaning San Diego for the last 8 years and have seen thousands of houses and carpets and made a few conclusions about my job and people that let us into their house.
Carpet Cleaning isn't a career path for anyone you have to be very diligent and hard working,but the main and most ideal requirement is you have to know how to listen.

Customers tend to be very picky about who to let inside their house and handle their furniture and precious carpets,our own human nature leads us to be distrusting in strangers and especially service providers and in the Carpet Cleaning biz there are a lot of schemes so I'm used to getting suspicious looks at the first few minutes I get in the house and start working,that's why I became a people person before I am a carpet cleaner,because I understand the clients are first people and only after are paying customers.

At Carpet Cleaning San Diego I learned that being a valuable individual  to the community is much more satisfying then just punching the clock everyday,we regularly participate in charity works all over San Diego and believe me there is nothing more fulfilling then making somebody else smile.

A in the life...
I start my day by getting to the office and getting my daily assignments,each day as the day starts I clean my truck as I believe a carpet cleaner should take pride at his own equipment and then off too our first customer and today it's the King family at Oceanside,I always place a phone call about 15 minutes before we arrive to let our client know were coming over to let him feel more comfortable.
Today our assignment includes cleaning two rooms and also some upholstery cleaning the King's have indicted they have a small toddler in their house and would like to use only green care products as to protect the baby.

Upon arriving to their house we first park our truck at a convenient parking space so we can have full access to the doorway of garage so we can bring our powerful extraction vacuums inside.
Then we take our order book and with the client we inspect the carpets and upholstery and ask for any special requests or any additional services.

Today we started working at approximately 8:00 and finished at 11:30, we worked hard but the king's were really polite and made us cold drinks and the husband helped us move some of the furniture,so we finished fast,they signed the forms and were off to the next customer..

That is the way the day starts and we have a lot of stops on the way and we tend to finish the day breathless,I have a lot of carpet cleaning experiences to share but I will leave it to another post at a later time meanwhile I bid you farewell and have a nice day.

James Raymond

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Carpet Cleaning Services

Choosing the right Carpet Cleaning service is in now days not the simplest task, there are a lot of services out there in ever changing prices and many different technologies, on this post I would like to discuss some of the methods we clean carpets at Carpet Cleaning San Diego and revise some of our products and a foul proof method to insure you get the best carpet cleaning possible.
So let's begin!

Let's start off by choosing the right carpet cleaner for the job, first thing examine what you really need this way you won't be baited to other services,if your rug needs cleaning or you are interested in a complete house cleaning services you should look out for a business most suitable to your needs.
Once you decided exactly what you need, you can now do some market research, check out a few carpet cleaning companies on the web, do not forget to use sites like Yelp and Kudzu for positive and negative reviews (remember no one is perfect,too many good reviews should be suspected as fraud).
Now that you've narrowed down your choices you should call each company and ask about their credentials and a rundown of their carpet cleaning service which should include the following steps:
  1. Inspection - the technician should first examine the carpet to determine the fabric type and stain origin.
  2. Vacuuming - A preliminary vacuum with a powerful vacuum is essential.
  3. Pre-treatment with a designated PH balanced solution to break down the soil.
  4. Now the technician should agitate the solution with a rotary brush.
  5. Waiting for about 15-20 minutes to let the carpet soak down the solution.
  6. Steam Cleaning or Dry cleaning can commence according to your preference or the guidelines outlined by the carpet manufacturer.
  7. Deodorizing is an optional and your carpet cleaner should ask you if your interested as it helps to get rid of unwanted odors.
  8.  Grooming - A very important step for your carpets fabric and quick drying.
  9. Post inspection - the carpet cleaner should inspect the carpet after the job is done for any additional stains.  
Any carpet cleaning service that skips any of these steps is absolutely not doing the right job and will harm your carpets eventually.

After you do find a company well qualified and professional enough to handle your carpets now you have to get a competitive offer, do not be fooled by low cost offers as they are most of the times carpet cleaning fraud.

A good carpet cleaner will price it's services in according to the cleaning method and the overall cleaning time.

At Carpet Cleaning San Diego we would love to give you all the details about our prices and services, we also provide many tips and helpful information about carpet cleaning and more.