Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A day in a life of a Carpet Cleaner

Hi there,
I've been working for Carpet Cleaning San Diego for the last 8 years and have seen thousands of houses and carpets and made a few conclusions about my job and people that let us into their house.
Carpet Cleaning isn't a career path for anyone you have to be very diligent and hard working,but the main and most ideal requirement is you have to know how to listen.

Customers tend to be very picky about who to let inside their house and handle their furniture and precious carpets,our own human nature leads us to be distrusting in strangers and especially service providers and in the Carpet Cleaning biz there are a lot of schemes so I'm used to getting suspicious looks at the first few minutes I get in the house and start working,that's why I became a people person before I am a carpet cleaner,because I understand the clients are first people and only after are paying customers.

At Carpet Cleaning San Diego I learned that being a valuable individual  to the community is much more satisfying then just punching the clock everyday,we regularly participate in charity works all over San Diego and believe me there is nothing more fulfilling then making somebody else smile.

A in the life...
I start my day by getting to the office and getting my daily assignments,each day as the day starts I clean my truck as I believe a carpet cleaner should take pride at his own equipment and then off too our first customer and today it's the King family at Oceanside,I always place a phone call about 15 minutes before we arrive to let our client know were coming over to let him feel more comfortable.
Today our assignment includes cleaning two rooms and also some upholstery cleaning the King's have indicted they have a small toddler in their house and would like to use only green care products as to protect the baby.

Upon arriving to their house we first park our truck at a convenient parking space so we can have full access to the doorway of garage so we can bring our powerful extraction vacuums inside.
Then we take our order book and with the client we inspect the carpets and upholstery and ask for any special requests or any additional services.

Today we started working at approximately 8:00 and finished at 11:30, we worked hard but the king's were really polite and made us cold drinks and the husband helped us move some of the furniture,so we finished fast,they signed the forms and were off to the next customer..

That is the way the day starts and we have a lot of stops on the way and we tend to finish the day breathless,I have a lot of carpet cleaning experiences to share but I will leave it to another post at a later time meanwhile I bid you farewell and have a nice day.

James Raymond

San diego Carpet Cleaning 



  1. Hello, I luv your post. I'm a carpet cleaner & you'll find me here. I'd like to share a little bit. I suggest everyone in the industry do a complete course on carpet cleaning, not just your in house training that teaches you your way is the best. You need to understand how the carpet is made and how to clean different types of carpet. Thanks:)

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  2. Thanks for the great input Nancy. Our carpet cleaning team takes a great course not only in house but also at a special training facility. After we finish the course then we assigen the trainee to an expert experienced cleaning crew.

  3. That was a very cute animated puppy.Anyways,Annete,i've been working in cleaning company and must admit that i got lots of ideas from your blog.Thank you so much!

  4. Hi Mikai ...Thank you for sharing ..and your welcome to guest blog if you want.

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  8. I suppose it was a good day after all. Good to know that the first customers are kind and helpful and cooperative. Do you ever encounter such difficult clients over and over in a day? How do you handle that situation and keep your cool?

  9. How often do you get a clients who are cooperative and helpful like that who made your job easier. I am getting a lot of ideas from your blog. May be someday I might just have my own carpet cleaning services. Keep sharing!